Code Sculpture

The iPhone and iPad App to create 3D Art from Simple Rules (from James Porter).

Code Sculpture allows you to create 3D art from simple rules. Here are a few little video lessons.

In Code Sculpture you create more complete shapes by adding new shapes to the sides of existing shapes. You do this by applying rules.

When you open a rule you will see a "then sculpt faces with" section. Here you can choose what shapes to apply to your existing shape. The default in None. But you can also apply a new rule to All faces of the shape or specific rules to specific faces.

In Code Sculpture has two starting shapes a cube and a triangular pyramid (or tetrahedron). These have 6 or 4 sides respectively.

New rules can be of 3 kinds:

  • Pop: which pops outwards from that face (so if applied to the face of a cube will add a new cube)
  • Pyramid: will add a pyramid with a base on the original face
  • Truncated Pyramid: a pyramid with a flattened off top

This may seem a bit abstract (unless you are used to mathematical descriptions) but play around with different shapes and combinations to see what they all look like.

In Code Sculpture you can change the size of each new shape you add. This is done relative to the current shape, so for example a scale of 2 means that the new shape will be double the original's size.

A scale of 0.5 (or a half) is half the original shape's size.