Code Sculpture

The iPhone and iPad App to create 3D Art from Simple Rules (from James Porter).


Code Sculpture allows you to create 3D art from simple rules. Get started by creating a new project.

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A project is just a set of rules (or instructions). The first instruction is the starting shape for your sculpture. If it helps think of it as a digital piece of clay.

Each 3D shape has a set of faces. A cube has 6 square faces. We can sculpt our 'digital clay' by applying a rule to each face.

So to each of the above faces we can apply one of the below rules

Let's make a simple tree. We start with a cube, then we want to apply a rule to the top face. But we want to make this next shape bigger, for example by doubling the scale.

Let's add a pyramid on top, replacing our flat surface with this new shape.

Done! We have made a simple tree. Tap on the play button (in Code Sculpture) to manipulate this in 3D, step through the construction steps and (on supported devices) place your tree in the real world with AR.

By composing simple rules you can create really interesting, beautiful objects which have never existed before.

James Porter

Video Demo

A little demo of some of the new features added in 1.1


The guide images above were created in Isometrically, an iPad and iPhone App for creating Isometric (3D-ish) graphics.

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These examples were created with Code Sculpture. Many of them are created with just 3 or 4 rules, yet create infinitely complex shapes).


Example Code Sculpture
Example Code Sculpture
Example Code Sculpture
Example Code Sculpture
Example Code Sculpture
Example Code Sculpture
Example Code Sculpture


I have an album with some more examples

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